What's Ha:mo

Hamo is characterize by multi modal movement were a variety of mobility is utilized according to traffic situation in support of this system and eco-friendly sharing network and compact mobility is realized and the complement public transportation.

Harmonious Mobility Network

http://jammuvirasat.com/tag/national-conference/ http://debenhamdental.co.uk/general-dentistry/preventive-care “Harmonious Mobility Network”is one of TOYOTA’s Mobility Solutions, which is connecting and integrating personal mobility with mass transit such as trains and bus networks. Thailand is currently facing various mobility issues, quality of life is also negatively affected for many people due to mobility issues and it needs improvement. Today, we proudly initiate the service of CU TOYOTA Ha:mo to support a sustainable society and promote a lifestyle change in the country”

Benefit for Thai society and people

For Thai Society

For You

The vitality of connecting your journey to the destination

jocundly Nowadays more people in Bangkok commute by using public transportation. Most people travel their way by BTS and MRT (underground). Then they continue by many different modes of transportation. Certainly, this EV car-sharing adds up more choice for connecting your journey, allowing convenience as well as meeting with the need of those residing in the urban area.

The government sector plans to expand the transportation network in Bangkok. This includes 10 more BTS lines which enable convenience and agility.


In the near future, we will see more demand of commuting from public transportation system or BTS. Therefore, it is necessary to have effective management for the transportation system.

EV sharing

EV Car-Sharing is a new option which connects public transportation system to the destination. Moreover, it increases economic value (sharing economy), reduces pollution, and helps people to drive when necessary.