TOYOTA's vision, personal vehicles and public transportation can be optimally connected and integrated together.

Grand Opening Ceremony on 19 Dec 2017 

Pregabalin online without prescription CU TOYOTA Ha:mo” is the collaborative occasion between Chulalongkorn University 100th Anniversary and Toyota Motor Thailand 55th Anniversary in order to trial car-sharing system  Read more

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CU TOYOTA Ha:mo Project Announcement on 3 Aug 2017 Toyota believes that one possible solution could involve Ultra-compact Electrical Vehicle car-sharing services that enable freedom of movement.We cooperate with Chulalongkorn university to promote sharing service via CU TOYOTA Ha:mo project. Read more

What’s Ha:mo

Hamo is characterize by multi modal movement were a variety of mobility is utilized according to traffic situation in support of this system and eco-friendly sharing network and compact mobility is realized and the complement public transportation.


Open Platform Innovation

Co-Development Plan

Increasing social adaptability and personal adaptability for EV and Sharing is crucial to expand EV Sharing in Thai society.

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