Collaboration with Chulalongkorn University
for 1st EV Car Sharing in Thailand

New mobility public transportation

mydriacyl 1% 5ml centurion laboratories Ha:mo is a compact vehicle-sharing network which complements public transportation to enhance urban mobility.


Sustainable Growth

Quality of Life Improvement

Vernon Hills Save energy and friendly for environment. 
Utilize limited space effectively.
Reduce traffic congestion.
Revitalization & lively cities.

Zürich (Kreis 10) / Höngg Freedom to move.
Comfort & Pleasure.
Safe & Security.
Financial benefit.

Ha:mo as a platform to co-develop future mobility society

CU Toyota Ha:mo will be “Open Innovation Platform” to solve barriers for expanding EV sharing
by technology development and social development

Co-Development Plan

Increasing social adaptability and personal adaptability for EV and Sharing is crucial to expand EV Sharing in Thai society.