How to Use CU TOYOTA Ha:mo

Frontera Before using : Ha:mo

  • The Member agrees to pay to NPD a Ha:mo registration fee ฿100 THB incl. VAT (nonrefundable), as may be amended, payable in full upon confirmation of his or her membership.
  • In case that Member request IC card, the Member agrees to pay to NPD an IC card issuing fee ฿110 THB incl. VAT (nonrefundable).
  • Payments shall be made by authorized payment card (Debit card or Credit card). The Member account from which the amount is to be collected shall have sufficient funds available to cover any charges.
  • Fees for using EV are found on After reservation, if you don’t start using it within 30 minutes, the reservation is automatically cancelled and as a penalty the starting fee (for first 20 min) is charged on authorized payment card (Debit card or Credit card).
  • In case of updating the information of authorized payment card (Debit card or Credit card), 30THB will be charged as a commission fee.
  • Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or driving while impaired is prohibited.
  • Driving out of operating area referring on Penalty fee (1000 THB) shall be also charged on the concerned Member.

Have to allow location access on your smartphone How to use the service.


Go to the starting station by 30 minutes after reservation and check car number.


If find any damages, Call to call center number inside the car


There are 2 ways to drive Ha:mo
By smartphone or Ha:mo Card (IC Card)


Unplug the charger cable.
And keep the charger cable at the station.


Security Check

Safety Belt

Adjust seat

Adjust the mirror


Start with a yellow key.
Turn the switch to "On" position.


Release the hand break and drive.

CU TOYOTA Ha:mo Tutorial Video